iSquare ezyCheque Standard Edition 3 - Sign First, Issue Later

Sign First, Issue Later.

Sign date-less cheque, and print date only when issueing.

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iSquare ezyCheque Standard Edition 3 - Sign First, Issue Later

Create First, Print Later.

Double check cheques' details before print it in bulk.

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iSquare ezyCheque Standard Edition 3 - Sign First, Issue Later

Starting at RM199.

Wonder how we can sell so low compare to others?

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iSquare ezyCheque Standard Edition 3 - Sign First, Issue Later

Fully Customizable

Customizable for all kind of cheques design.

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iSquare ezyCheque - Malaysian Cheque Ready

Malaysian Cheques Ready

Malaysian cheques' template incuded.

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ezyCheque is a cheque writing software or cheque printing software that helps you write your cheque in the easiest and most accurate way. It automatically converts numbers to words. You can have your cheque printed with just a few clicks.

With ezyCheque, writing a cheque is easy! All you have to do is to enter the date, payee’s name and amount payable to the payee. With pre-defined alignment of words, the words can be printed neatly on the cheque with your existing printer. Thus it gives your suppliers and bankers a good impression and manageable cheque handling.

ezyCheque Gives You ::

  • Issue Cheques In Seconds

    ezyCheque automatic converts number to words, reducing human conversion error. It comes with multi-languages - English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Eliminate Payee's Name Spelling Mistake

    ezyCheque store payee's name automatically each time you issue a new name. The name can be retrieve with just a few initial strokes of keys.
  • Reduce Administrative Cost

    With payee's name and amount in words automation, cheques issued will not have silly spelling mistake. This will reduce cost in re-issueing of new cheques and manpower cost.
  • Enhance Cheque's Security

    Labels in cheques are all customizable in font type and size. What's more the added security symbol will increase the difficulties of the cheques to being altered.
  • Print Payment Vouchers

    Payment voucher is automatically created when you issue a new cheques. You can print the payment voucher together with the cheque to increase efficiency.
  • Print Reports

    Reports can be generated to increase the efficiency in managing account payees. The reports can be customized base on your needs too - for the example printed cheques group by months, or payees name.
  • Bulk Printing

    You can create all your cheques entry for the month and print all in one time. This allow you to proof-read for any typo error before printing both cheques and payment vouchers.
  • Security To Protect Your Company Data

    ezyCheque has high security in mind not only in user-login, but a master database password requirement for every company created. This double security measure will definitely reduce a leakage in banking confidential informations to unauthorized personnel.