We provides innovative solutions that create value for our customers

Founded in 2006 in Malaysia, iSquare Solutions (MA0113196-U) is a software development company specializing in cheque writing solutions.

We offer value to our customers by providing them with innovative software solutions, good services, and competitive price. We are constantly challenged to improve the value proposition to our customers.

We believe the power of innovation is the new infinity as it gives us limitless possibilities and results. That is why we provides a reasonable cost of ownership to our solutions that gives our customers limitless results in their day-to-day office operations.

We value our customers so that the values we create for them is limitless. In order to have a 100% customers satisfaction, we allow our customers to try our products before they buy it.

We knows that it is challenging to provide competitive price. Hence, we create a marketing environment where our products is distributed via internet. This reduce our cost and directly reduce our price.

The future of iSquare Solutions is like the power of innovation - limitless.

Try before you buy!

All of our software products feature a 15 day trial period. Just download the trial version and install. Once you are certain that our software is right for the job, you can request a purchase order from us and we will deliver the full version products to you as download once we confirm your payment.